Fine Art Lithographs

Granny's Hands

Image size: 20" X 13"
Open edition signed print: $65 + shipping and handling

Looking after us through laughter and tears;
I'd hardly noticed they had changed through the years.
But my granny's hands were always there
Working for the family with loving care.
Once young, I'm sure, though for me it seems
They've always been old and gnarled and stringing beans.

Granddaddy in the Garden

Image size: 16" X 13"
Open edition signed print: $40 plus shipping and handling

One sunny afternoon I began a painting of my grandparents as they worked in their garden. I wanted the focal point to be the figure of my grandmother, but she was rather quick and nimble and never stayed still long enough for me to paint her into the scene. Granddaddy, however, was as slow as Granny was quick and spent quite a long time laboring over the tomatoes. Chided by my grandmother for his plodding ways, he won the place of honor in my painting.

Last Hunt of the Season

Image size: 22" X 15"
Open edition signed print: 65 dollars + shipping and handling

It was a cold and crisp November day, and we had just ridden out. Slowly the snow began to fall, drifting down in a dream-like cascade. The horses snorted and stamped in anticipation. It was a wonderful and lively beginning for the last hunt of the season.