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The New River Gorge in West Virginia draws adrenaline junkies from all over the world. But this year there is a killer among them.
Bonnie Franca, adventurer and whitewater guide, thinks her worst problem is her amorous admirer Dwight Dennison III. But an ominous disaster seizes her attention when a fellow guide and a customer are the victims of a fatal rafting accident.
But is it an accident?

Bonnie Franca, whitewater guide on the New River in West Virginia, is rocked to her core when she discovers a fellow guide drowned in the New River. Even though the police deem the drowning a suicide, Bonnie is suspicious, and puts herself in grave danger by attempting to solve the mystery. Here is an adventure as dangerous and exciting as blasting through the big waves on The New.


View From My Soul

Sarah Seere, coal baron heiress and debuting psychic, has some monumental dilemmas to resolve: A missing child. A threatening foe. A budding practice as a psychic. The child, Katie Sackett, has been brutally murdered, her body dumped on the mountain. As Sarah rides her horse up Stony Mountain, Katie's ghost makes an impassioned plea: Will Sarah find the man who killed her?

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Free Short Stories

Jill's early writings were journalistic pieces, and she was first published in the 1980s in the (now defunct) national publication of Horseplay. It wasn't until the year 2000 that Jill ventured into the world of fiction. Her story "Corner Booth" was published in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine in 2003. Encouraged by the editor of that publication, Jill started writing a series of mystery novels based on these same characters. The setting is the New River Gorge of West Virginia, a place that Jill knows well. She's paddled the "New" more times than she can count and climbed countless routes on the cliffs that crown the gorge. Jill is a member of the Mystery Writers of America.

Some of her short stories include:


Jill Kayaking

"Corner Booth"
A Short Story

Jill Climbing 

"The Dead & the Undead"
A Short Story

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